Harvest's impact on players in the month and a half since its release

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On June 19 of this year, the POE game team announced to players their second new league of the year called Harvest. This new league brings players a different style experience than before. Because the players subconsciously think it must base the POE league on crazy battles. Only the theme of this new league is agriculture. Players can get rare materials and abundant vitality that can exchange POE Currency through their hard work in the new league.

Now many players have spent nearly a month and a half in the new league. They already have their own understanding of the gameplay and game rhythm in Harvest. Under normal circumstances, they will go to the sacred jungle to get the seed cache and bring it back to the garden to plant and wait for the birth of the monster. Once the seeds mature and produce monsters, they will immediately kill them to get many valuable items. They can use what they get to enhance weapons and equipment or improve skill damage, or they can be processed and sold in exchange for many POE Items to maintain their daily game activities.

Although the players have a great time in the new league, there are also some problems and bugs in Harvest. Some time ago, the development team worked hard to repair and improve it to bring players a better gaming experience. Players now have a greater chance of picking up high-level seeds instead of only level 1 seeds as before. Every seed has a monster associated with it. Some simple seeds only need time to grow, while more advanced seeds require complex resources produced by planting simple seeds.

Many beginners who have just joined the game now can only support their own game activities and cannot get more Chaos Orb and POE Items. The reason is that they still don’t understand the direct relationship between pay and harvest. Many old players will suggest that they Buy POE Currency to increase their planting volume so they can eventually make more profits. Come and experience the best Harvest.